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A Saudi used car for sale often costs much less than what you’d pay for it in your home country, which is why many people have chosen international car exporters. In addition, as a buyer of Saudi Arabia cars, you have access to a full variety of pre-owned Japanese-made vehicles. You can buy everything from the industrial vehicles to cars and trucks. RR Car Sales puts these cars up for purchase all the time. Hundreds of them get added to our inventory each month.

Do Away with Shady Bidding

Some of the Saudi used car for sale sites adopt a bidding structure, which doesn’t always go well for the customer. In some cases, the prices get raised unscrupulously by the site, and you wind up paying more. At RR Car Sales, our Saudi Arabia cars do not use the bidding structure, which means you can buy them at an honest price. Many of the vehicles [...]

Where to Buy a Car?


America, is one of the few countries in the world who have been privileged with cheap car prices, cheap gas and a great road network, I say you’re one of the lucky ones. Don’t believe me? Just check out how much it costs to buy a Prius or FR-S in one of these countries.

10.) Cuba


Price of a new Scion FR-S: Too High

Technically, you can buy or sell cars in Cuba since the market was “liberated” in 2011, but with prices sky high and low incomes all around, business is slow.

A Local resident has been quoted

A 70s lada is about 12K USD in Cuba, it’s quite interesting to see how values change depending on what you can get out of the car and when reliability [...]

Cheaper Cars for Australians

The Federal Government expects the “vast majority” of Australians will still buy new cars from local dealerships, even if they are given the freedom to import vehicles directly from overseas.

Cabinet has agreed to consider removing the barriers restricting Australian buyers from bringing new cars in from overseas, after another round of public consultation. The Government said it would give consumers more choice and access to cheaper cars once the local automotive industry closed in 2017. However, the Government is “not inclined” to take the same approach with imports of second-hand cars.The minister responsible, Jamie Briggs, has told the ABC the Government wanted to reform the act to ensure Australians could buy the safest and best quality cars at the best possible price.


  • “The real issue here is: why regulate if you’re now part of a global regime?” the Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development said.
  • “We allow [...]
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