About Us

Attract, engage and convert more qualified vehicle shoppers


At RR Car Sales we found a niche in the marketplace and have had much success exporting slightly damaged vehicles. Our success has been dependent on turning salvaged cars into quality vehicles and establishing great customer base over the years in the State of Florida.

img-displayRR Car Sales has developed many relationships with customers and suppliers, many of whom have grown and evolved alongside RR Car Sales. And with their help, made us into one of the premiere export, distressed and salvage vehicle specialists.

As international car sales exporters, buyers can choose from our variety of pre-owned Japanese used cars, early and late model cars and trucks, industrial vehicles and more. We sell thousands of vehicles each year and have hundreds added to our inventory every month. The best part all of have no bidding, so many of these vehicles are available to the general public with no licenses or registration fees required.


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