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A salvage vehicle is like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Emerging from the brink of destruction, it may evolve into a resale-ready car or a source of parts. Salvage vehicles often have dubious reputations, but they also have benefits. What exactly is a salvage car, and why should it find a home in your garage? Find out here:


What is a salvage vehicle?

Salvage cars have such significant damage that insurance companies consider them total losses. This is because the cost of repairs exceeds 75 percent of the car’s value.

Let’s say your 15-year-old car, worth $4,000, sustains $13,000 in damages. Typically, insurance companies pay the owner what the car was worth before the accident, consider it a loss and toss the $13,000 repair cost. Next, the company repossesses the vehicle and registers it with the DMV as a salvage. It is prohibited from being repaired or driven.

What happens next?

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The 10 most important things to consider before buying a salvage car10 things to consider before buying a salvage car

With the current economy, people are constantly trying to save as much money as possible. Saving money does not only entail eating out less. It can also mean not buying brand new vehicles. There is a large market for used and salvage vehicles. However, unlike most used cars and reconditioned cars, salvage cars may require more than just an automotive technician to come to assess the vehicle. Salvage vehicles could require lots of elbow grease, time, and search for parts. However, it can be a viable option. This article lists 10 things to consider before buying a salvage car.



1. Look for vehicle history and a clean title

You should not take anybody at their [...]


Today, the internet makes it fast and easy to buy salvage cars new and used cars, as well as located used, reconditioned, and custom parts to repair and upgrade almost every vehicle on the road. Buying vehicles with salvage titles are one opportunity that has increased in recent years. It’s easier than ever to locate salvage vehicles for sale, research the vehicle history, find parts and repair services, and to locate specialty insurance or sell a rebuilt car to interested buyers. But if you’ve never bought or sold a vehicle with a salvage title, this may seem like a daunting task.

RR Car Sales specializes in vehicles with salvage titles. We have the resources to help you find a golden opportunity in a salvaged car, truck, van, or SUV. Here is some information to help you get started buying your first salvage title automobile.

Frequently Asked Questions About Salvage Cars for Sale

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