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RR Car Sales has a variety of vehicles with both minor and significant damages from collisions and flood damages. Some of the cars need mechanical and electrical repair while others can be sold without repair depending on the type and depth of damage. Salvage Cars for Sale are repaired by our qualified staff unit until they become safe to drive. The significant damages to the vehicles include wrecked, bent and rust car frames which are either removed or repaired depending on the size of the damage. The second type of damaged vehicles have scratches, dents, and wheel scrapes that distort the vehicle’s exterior appearance. With many years of experience in car reconditioning, our technicians repair the vehicle's exterior and improve its overall aesthetic look. Repainting gives a new look to the vehicle. After all that, the customer regains trust in his/her car once again. Our highly trained technicians are on the standby to repair damaged vehicles with various defects from collisions, dents and natural damages, such as floods and hailstorms. Once the repairs are complete, the title of the car becomes salvage or rebuilt to tell the buyers of their past condition. We reconstruct our [...]


Frequently Asked Questions
faq-img1 If you have a vehicle that has been in an accident, stolen, or has sustained damage, it will be necessary to have it assessed. In the event that the cost of damage surpasses the value of the vehicle, you have a salvage car. The insurance company will take possession of the vehicle, and you are issued a salvage title. Sometimes when a car is considered salvage it will be reduced to parts which can be sold as export. Those that don't export can then be taken to salvage yards or otherwise disposed of. Normally, though, the entire vehicle is taken to a salvage yard and disposed of there entirely. When a car is deemed totaled, the insurance company will typically reimburse the owner the amount the vehicle is worth. Since this takes depreciation into consideration, it doesn't guarantee the amount will be enough to cover anything still owed on the vehicle. Just because a vehicle has been classified as totaled doesn't mean there is absolutely no hope. If it's worth the expense, you can have it restored. When this is complete, you must take the vehicle in for an inspe [...]

About Us

Attract, engage and convert more qualified vehicle shoppers
ABOUT RR CAR SALES At RR Car Sales we found a niche in the marketplace and have had much success exporting slightly damaged vehicles. Our success has been dependent on turning salvaged cars into quality vehicles and establishing great customer base over the years. img-displayRR Car Sales has developed many relationships with customers and suppliers, many of whom have grown and evolved alongside RR Car Sales. And with their help, made us into one of the the premiere export , distressed and salvage vehicle specialists. As international car exporters, buyers can choose from our variety of pre owned Japanese used cars, early and late model cars and trucks, industrial vehicles and more. We sell [...]

A Saudi used car for sale often costs much less than what you’d pay for it in your home country, which is why many people have chosen international car exporters. In addition, as a buyer of Saudi Arabia cars, you have access to a full variety of pre-owned Japanese-made vehicles. You can buy everything from the industrial vehicles to cars and trucks. RR Car Sales puts these cars up for purchase all the time. Hundreds of them get added to our inventory each month.

Do Away with Shady Bidding

Some of the Saudi used car for sale sites adopt a bidding structure, which doesn’t always go well for the customer. In some cases, the prices get raised unscrupulously by the site, and you wind up paying more. At RR Car Sales, our Saudi Arabia cars do not use the bidding structure, which means you can buy them at an honest price. Many of the vehicles [...]

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